Does anyone recognize the dogs in the above photograph? They are the same sweeties who comforted the Sandy Hook community just a few months ago and are now busy working their hearts and skills amongst the victims of the Boston tragedy. I was reading this article over the weekend, while caring for our favorite poodle client, Cosmo, and was vividly reminded of the variety of purposes that dogs serve in the human world. Every time Cosmo stays with my family, I sleep soundly because his presence makes us feel SAFE. He brings laughter and JOY  into our home because of the bond he shares with my three year old. He is a source of LOVE and fills our hearts the way that only pets know how to do….always excited to see us, snuggle, play, and in Cosmo’s case, he doesn’t even let me shower alone, a constant COMPANION. I can only imagine the role that the therapy dogs are playing in the recovery of the Boston victims, hopefully providing love, smiles, entertainment, and HOPE in their futures. Boston: DoggieSmyle team and our dogs send our love and prayers to all of you from the desert!

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